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We are your go-to team for evidence-based information and unconditional support.

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Birth Support

We offer a team of experienced and compassionate birth doulas, highly skilled and ready to support you during your pregnancy, birth and postpartum time.

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Birth Photography

Capture the most special moments of your labor, birth and postpartum time. Our Birth Photographer is also a BWS Certified Doula, which means she is specifically equipped to be supportive in the birth space. Work with our team to find the right package for you.

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Back-to-work Support

Need support with planning for your return-to-work after parental leave, including pumping and work-life balance? Looking for someone to be in your corner once you return, serving as a sounding board and part of your village? Our back-to-work support is offered by Dr. Jodi, in individual and group settings.

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Childbirth Classes

We offer a variety of classes tailored to your needs, including Evidence Based Birth® virtual/in-person classes, and half day workshops to prepare you for your birth at home, birth center or hospital. Partners and doulas are encouraged to join in!

Breastfeeding Classes

Take advantage of in-person and virtual breastfeeding preparation classes. Classes are co-taught by April Kline, Midwife and IBCLC Lactation Consultant and Dr. Jodi Cunningham, experienced in breastfeeding research and community program building.

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Postpartum Care

Work with one of our loving and qualified Certified Postpartum doulas. Whether you need some support with daily tasks such as cleaning, infant care, or feeding support, we are here to help. We also offer overnight support, allowing you to get some rest, with your baby and caring doula near you, facilitating feeding, caring for the baby and you.


Prenatal Bodywork

April Kline, Midwife and Body Worker practicing CranialSacral Therapy, combines formal massage therapy skills along with 20+ years of experience as a midwife to help pregnant people find more comfort during pregnancy, relieve tension and prepare for birth.

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1-1 Lactation Services

Connect to our robust individual lactation services, including 1-1 sessions to help you prepare for breastfeeding, immediate support at your place-of-birth, lactation appointments to support issues such as latch, supply or other problems, and access to our on-site lactation clinic.

Parenting Community

All BWS Doula Clients get complimentary access to our online parenting community, full of resources, peer connections and access to Jodi & April. 

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