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Ancient Wisdom & Modern Evidence

Birth With Spirit is built on key principles that are woven throughout training, peer reviews, continued education opportunities and mentorship for doulas as they provide knowledge and unconditional support to all our clients. 

April says:

As a homebirth midwife, I was frustrated by the territorial nature of how a lot of crucial information and training around pregnancy, birth, postpartum and early parenting was shared. I also saw a lot of doulas who were trained and then put out into the world to practice however they could without ongoing guidance, advanced training opportunities, and certainly nothing to help them manage difficult or even traumatic experiences. I love everything birth-related, and I love sharing this love with others. I also love teaching on what most people think is not teachable: How to listen with one's whole being—not just with one's ears, but also heart, head, body and spirit. This Whole Person ListeningTM is the heart of BWS Doula Training, and the reason our Agency puts so much emphasis on doula support, ongoing education, and access to more advanced practitioners for questions and guidance.

Jodi says:

BWS Doula Agency gives me an opportunity to provide exceptional care to families as they grow through one of life’s most impactful seasons: parenthood. In my career as a college professor and a nonprofit health director, I know what it means to grow teams and build meaningful programs that help people. I also understand what it means to “hit the pavement” and provide services directly to women and families. BWS doula agency is an opportunity to do both. Not only am I able to put my decade long career in maternal and infant health to good use by supporting births and providing childbirth education, but I can also use my skills as a college professor to train, teach and mentor doulas. I value this opportunity to work together to grow the doula workforce, increasing credibility for the profession and providing excellent care centered around whole person client support and evidence-based care.


When You Hire One of Our Doulas,
You Always Receive:

  • Whole Person CareTM

  • Our Evidence-Based Nutrition Protocol with over three years of outstanding data

  • Our Gestational Diabetes and GBS Protocols with excellent track records

  • Evidence-Based Childbirth Education

  • Standardized prenatal appointments that cover everything you didn’t know you needed to know

  • On-Call 24/7 by text/email/phone

  • One Primary Doula and one Back-Up Doula

  • The entire birth with continuous doula support

  • 1-2 hours immediate postpartum, or more as needed for special circumstances

  • One postnatal appointment

  • More appointments postnatally as needed at discounted client rate

  • Access to exceptional referrals as needed for special circumstances​​​

Our Team

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